Are They Twins?

We were uber blessed this July with the birth of our identical twin boys. Life with twins is wonderful, amazing and so much fun. Its a lot like winning the baby lottery. The only downside is that anyone and everyone will approach you when you have two babies. Two babies is an open invitation to … Continue reading

The Twelve Sick Days of Christmas

It seems our family has been battling some form of the plague for the last 6 weeks. With six people in our household, two of which are infants, one in preschool, one in elementary school and myself being immune suppressed, its been quite an adventure of snotty kleenex wads and a VIP parking spot at … Continue reading

Dear Santa: My Christmas List

Dear Santa, As the BIG day approaches I figured I’d better sit down and pen you a letter. I know I’ve been especially good this year so you will definitely want to stock up on everything on my list. If you are generous you will find I hid you a Bud Light behind the cow … Continue reading

I’m A Glass-Half-Full Kinda Gal

I will be the first to admit that I am painfully optimistic to a fault. I am more than a glass-half-full kinda person. The glass is not just half full, but it was given to you FOR FREE and its full of diamonds. DIAMONDS!!! Or at the very least some strawberry-watermelon Nerds. Mmmm… This is … Continue reading

Mothers: Nature’s Present-day Velociraptors

We had a little issue with a certain ass today. Our resident donkey, Stormy, decided to display a text book case of “Little Man Syndrome”. You know the type: We’ve all known this type of character at one point or another in our lives. Anyone who deals with miniature horses or donkeys knows that this … Continue reading