Dear Santa: My Christmas List


Dear Santa,

As the BIG day approaches I figured I’d better sit down and pen you a letter. I know I’ve been especially good this year so you will definitely want to stock up on everything on my list. If you are generous you will find I hid you a Bud Light behind the cow penicillin in the vet suppy fridge.

I have been so blessed in my life this past year. I am so amazed that I get to spend everyday with my best friend, Hubs* and our four beautiful boys. I am in awe that I was deemed worthy to have twin babies this summer and that they were born perfect, healthy, strong and beautiful. Things could have gone differently but I am thankful that everything worked out. I am thankful for this beautiful safe home we live in, this amazingly wonderful farm, the fresh air and especially all of our animal compadres. Is there really anything left I can ask for?


1. Please help me be the kind of person that my dog thinks I am. The generous, kind and magical supplier of all things comforting, delicious and fun.

2. Please help me to be the kind of person my kids think I am. The caring, compassionate, comforting source of kisses, hugs, giggles, support and encouragement.

3. Please help me to be the woman my husband thought he married. The one that knows how to run a mop and an oven. I pulled the wool over his eyes there, and maybe its time I tried some of that stuff for real.

4. Please give me enough minutes in the day to soak up every smile, ever coo, every dimple, every roll, every knock knock joke, every new wrestling move. Time goes too fast Santa, and these kids are growing up too quickly.

5. Please give me as much time as possible to keep the innocence and magic alive for my children. This time is far too fleeting.

6. Please give me the patience and listening ears to understand the concerns of little ones. They are big concerns in their eyes.

7. Please give me the grace and strength and good humour to survive the days that aren’t all peachy.

8. Please give me the insight to stop each day, lay in the sun like a cat, breath in the fresh air, notice how the light shines off a babies wispy hair and stretch. Its far too easy to hussle and bustle.

9. Please give me the presence of mind to remember to put the wash in the dryer, and not leave the diapers in the pail until they can walk out of their on their own steam.

10. Please let me remember everyday that these blessings have been given to me by Baby Jesus and his Big Papa, and to remember to be thankful and humble that I was deemed worthy of this life. And remind me keep the lines of communication open (does JC text?)


If you could put this order in for me St. Nicholas I would be ever so grateful. Give that beautiful Baby Jesus a squeeze for me, tell Mary I totally know how baffling little boys can be sometimes and thank God for the love and trust He’s placed in me this year. I just want to be the kind of person that deserves to be loved and blessed the way I have been.

Thanks buddy, have a safe flight.

Huge love,


PS – Oh, and a nice big warmblood gelding for dressage would be fine too. Please and thank you.

*Not his real name.


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