Are They Twins?


Two of my favourite THINGS!

We were uber blessed this July with the birth of our identical twin boys. Life with twins is wonderful, amazing and so much fun. Its a lot like winning the baby lottery. The only downside is that anyone and everyone will approach you when you have two babies. Two babies is an open invitation to ask you questions about your reproductive system, your fertility history, religious background and love life. It gets very tiring to here “Woo hoo hoo! Someone’s got their hands full!” on average of 87 times when you stop at the supermarket for milk. So here is a list of responses to one of the most FAQ we get with two babies: ARE THEY TWINS?

  1. No. You are seeing double.
  2. No. We had one baby and enjoyed it so much that we decided to bring another one home from the hospital.
  3. No! What do you mean? There are only two? I have triplets! SHIT! I forgot one of the babies again! Now where did I leave him…
  4. No. (silence)
  5. Yes. “Are they identical?” Yes. “So is that one a girl?” No. Identical means identical. As in they both have the same kind of junk.
  6. I don’t know. These aren’t mine. I just found them and decided to keep them.
  7. No, they are clones sent back from the future to help populate the earth with superior genetics.
  8. No, they were just wombmates.
  9. No, I have six but these two are my favourites. The picks of the litter if you will.
  10. Yes. Yes, they were conceived naturally. C-section. So lets talk about your uterus. How is it doing today? And what have your ovaries been up to?
  11. No, these are the last two finalists for BabyIdol. We are going to choose the winner tomorrow night.
  12. No, this one is mine, that one is his.
  13. No. This one is a newborn. That one is a minute older.
  14. No, they just have the same father.
  15. I’m not sure. I forgot to ask the doctor when they were born.
  16. Shhhh, please don’t say the “T” word in front of them. We don’t want them to develop a complex.
  17. TWIN-TWIN-BO-BIN-BANANA-FANANA-FO-FIN! (bonus points if you do a little jig and laugh maniacially).
  18. No, they were just aboard the same mothership for 9 months.
  19. I want to know too. I keep asking them but they are giving me the silent treatment.
  20. No, this one is the younger brother and that one is the older brother.

One thought on “Are They Twins?

  1. Lol, just as well you have a good sense of humour. They are gorgeous by the way (although I’m sure you might have noticed that).

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