How To Single-Handedly Became Every Six Year Old Boy’s Best Friend in One Fell Swoop

photo (16)

Step 1 – Go to ebay and search for Lego Candy Molds. You will find something that looks like this.


You need it. Buy immediately. Credit card debt only exists in fairytales. I ordered a three pack of molds (1 Lego man mold and two block molds) for $8.99 CAD. I highly recommend the Lego man mold as they are smaller/easier/quicker to make and a lot easier for kids to eat too. And they look SO REAL! The block ones are more ice cube sized.

Step 2 – Visit your nearest Bulk Barn and load up on huge bags of colourful melting chocolate wafery things for making candy. Buy at least 5 lb of each colour so after you secretly binge on them you will still have enough to make some Lego chocolates.


Step 3 – Melt down the chocolate in a glass bowl in the microwave. Nuke it for small increments of time and stir occasionally. This crap can burn easily and the smell will (almost) convince you to never eat chocolate again. So take ‘er slow, eh?

Step 4 – When the chocolate has melted down to a nice gooey consistency spoon it out into the molds. Smooth the excess down with a rubber spatula. I stacked my block molds one on top of another and pressed down so that the back would have holes. This way they actually pop together like REAL Lego. Whooooooaaa!

photo (14)

Zee top view.

photo (17)

Zee bottom view.

Step 5 – Pop the molds into the freezer to expedite the setting process. Not too long, you just want the chocolate to harden. Go check facebook or change the laundry over and pull the molds out.

Step 6 – Flex the chocolatey goodness out of the silicone molds. Pop them into a gift bag or your mouth!

photo (18)

Step 7 – Present these lil goodies to your nearest male (of any age) and prepare to BLOW THEIR MINDS. Mission accomplished: you are now the coolest person they know.

For other cool ideas to make with your new fangled Lego molds check out what these creative mamas did:

Lego Crayons at Two Little Superheroes:


Lego Soap at Just Crafty Enough:

lego soap

Magic Potion by Mrs. Happy Homemaker, but I would use the Lego molds for the ice cubes. The drink changes colour and flavour as the cubes melt = MAGICAL!



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