MAYDAY!! Important Amendment for Covert Napping Strategies!

Destroy all evidence!

Destroy all evidence!

I’ve received some terrific feedback from stealthy mothers everywhere that have been putting my brilliant covert napping strategies to work for them. I feel all warm and fuzzy when I hear how another crafty dame was able to log in a few more precious minutes of zzzzz by outwitting her spouse and spawn. Well played ladies! But I feel I have done you all a disservice and left you somewhat unprepared as I have not warned you of one of the hazards of the covert napper.


I mean it. Cell phones, cameras, iPads and laptops. Even those little kiddie digital cameras that take blurry ass pictures of the carpet and treetops. Hide. Them. All. Learn from my mistakes and heed this warning. My own little darling thought it would be a riot to put his smelly foot up by my sleeping face and snap a pic. Do you know what this means? Dangerous evidence that could potentially endanger the very existence of napping within our domestic existence. So PLEASE, I beg of you, for the wellbeing of nappers everywhere…destroy the evidence. Do not leave any proof. Let’s all practice safe napping ladies. Spread the word.


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