School days: Optimal Awkwardness

It is back to school, those magical days when you at your all time maximum of social awkwardness. Remember the early years when you are blissfully unaware? Bless those wondrous days of being simultaneously hilarious and innocent when you are amazing without even having to try. I found these gems among my sons’ school papers this morning and had to stifle a guffaw. I eagerly anticipate the day when I can pull these bad boys out and display on a big screen when my kids are adults. In the meantime I shall share them with you. I have kept the authors of these pieces anonymous in hopes of them some day securing respectable careers and/or suitable spouses.  

There must be some kind of fast track program for children who enjoy playing “hooky” and a soft spot for “hores”.

Some of these “bottles” make me very uncomfortable.


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