TBT: Singing to Baby Rabbits

This came up on my Timehop app today. Three years ago today I was enjoying a balmy afternoon in the backyard with my (then) three year old. I had twin boys in my enormous belly, a baby bunny in my lap and a smile on my face. It was a simpler time. 🙂 It really … Continue reading

TBT – The Land of Milk and Honey

I originally wrote this blogpost in March 2007. Its a gooder though, and today feels like the kind of day we could use a laugh. I still can’t believe that I was crazy enough to bring a Jersey cow home with no idea what I was doing. Thankfully we all survived!! I used to imagine … Continue reading

The Roaming Dragger

If you are a Saturday Night Live fan, you no doubt are familiar with the glorious Stefon. One of my favourite episodes was where Stefon used the term “roaming draggers” to describe “that thing where an old dog has short legs but a long penis”. It immediately dawned on me that we are fortunate enough … Continue reading

Evidence of my Failed Domestication

I have many redeeming qualities. I am kind. Easy going. Love animals. Enjoy children. I like to be helpful. I enjoy a good laugh. I can tack up a horse in 34 seconds. I can milk anything with teats (even a human if need be). But there are some areas in which I am definitely … Continue reading

Mothers: Nature’s Present-day Velociraptors

We had a little issue with a certain ass today. Our resident donkey, Stormy, decided to display a text book case of “Little Man Syndrome”. You know the type: We’ve all known this type of character at one point or another in our lives. Anyone who deals with miniature horses or donkeys knows that this … Continue reading

Well hullllllooooo there!

I have come to the conclusion that I need to share the chaos of my life with the world. You can’t make this shit up. A little about me: I’m a stay-at-home-farming-mama of 4. Four BOYS. Yes, that’s right. My life is a sausage fest. The soundtrack of my life is “Poop”, “Weiner” and “Bums”. … Continue reading