Oral Hygiene 101

One of the hazards of having prosthetic jaw joint replacements is that any dental work (even a cleaning) poses serious infection risks. It was with this thought in mind that I said “Self – you need to take care of your chompers and minimize the chance of needing dental intervention. Let’s get you a waterpik!” … Continue reading

Boredom on The Cheesewagon

My six-year-old is gunning for an iPad to play on the bus. Hahaha! Good one!! I usually pack him colouring books or mazes but “it’s too dark!” He’s lamenting “I’m sooooo bored!” Boo-freaking-hoo, buddy boy!! This morning I told him growing up we were always bored out of our skulls on the bus so my buddy … Continue reading

Feral Five: 5 Times My Kids Humbled Me

5. Upon noticing that I remove my bra when getting ready for bed: “Mama, why do you take your boobs off at night?” 4. Remarking on the color of my teeth: “It looks like you chewed a green glow stick”.  3. Loudly in a quiet public venue “Let me see you pig bites. LET ME … Continue reading

TBT – The Land of Milk and Honey

I originally wrote this blogpost in March 2007. Its a gooder though, and today feels like the kind of day we could use a laugh. I still can’t believe that I was crazy enough to bring a Jersey cow home with no idea what I was doing. Thankfully we all survived!! I used to imagine … Continue reading

The Roaming Dragger

If you are a Saturday Night Live fan, you no doubt are familiar with the glorious Stefon. One of my favourite episodes was where Stefon used the term “roaming draggers” to describe “that thing where an old dog has short legs but a long penis”. It immediately dawned on me that we are fortunate enough … Continue reading

Wishing You a Memorable VD

Remember when VD (Valentine’s Day to common folk) used to matter? No? Me neither. Well, that’s a lie. There was a brief span when we were dating/newly married when we put forth an effort. You’d covertly buy some overpriced fattening chocolates and battle crowds to have an intimate meal at a slow, packed expensive restaurant. … Continue reading