Full Moon Rising at Walmart

You’ve seen that horrifying website “The People of Walmart”, right? It is a collection of the most cringe worthy folks that have stumbled into Walmart shopping centres across the world. You know, the people with feces soaking through their shorts or wearing a sheer pantyhose bodysuit as they peruse the produce aisle. I nearly made … Continue reading

Oral Hygiene 101

One of the hazards of having prosthetic jaw joint replacements is that any dental work (even a cleaning) poses serious infection risks. It was with this thought in mind that I said “Self – you need to take care of your chompers and minimize the chance of needing dental intervention. Let’s get you a waterpik!” … Continue reading

Happy Accidents

I updated our ranch Facebook page with new cover picture and profile picture. I had no idea it would end up overlapping in the most awesomely hilarious way.    

School days: Optimal Awkwardness

It is back to school, those magical days when you at your all time maximum of social awkwardness. Remember the early years when you are blissfully unaware? Bless those wondrous days of being simultaneously hilarious and innocent when you are amazing without even having to try. I found these gems among my sons’ school papers … Continue reading

Feral Five: 5 Unforseen Perks of Parenthood

5. Finger foods, particulary those that haven’t been dipped repeatedly in ketchup and licked off. 4. Naps. 3. Baby clothes make super cute dog outfits. 2. VIP Service (I do not deny allowing my kids to get excessively loud and rammy if it means the cashier will pick up the pace shhhhhh) 1. Scape goats: … Continue reading