TBT: Singing to Baby Rabbits

This came up on my Timehop app today. Three years ago today I was enjoying a balmy afternoon in the backyard with my (then) three year old. I had twin boys in my enormous belly, a baby bunny in my lap and a smile on my face. It was a simpler time. 🙂 It really … Continue reading

How my Teen Years Prepared Me for Parenting

Remember those angry, awkward, zit filled years? The ones you couldn’t wait to put behind you? Once I became I mother I realized that those teen years never really go away. I am older, wiser, perhaps more responsible (HA! Who am I kidding?) but that is about it. There is not a whole lot that … Continue reading

Anatomy of a Road Trip

It has taken me a few days to relive the details of the horrific road trip from hell that we endured over Christmas. Travelling with children is trying at the best of times. Travelling with children over Christmas when they are jacked up on sugar and anticipation in the dead of winter…SEVENTH LEVEL OF HELL. … Continue reading

What I Gave My Kids for Christmas

”Kids spell love T-I-M-E.” -John Crudele You are probably wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth. Its been a long time since I dazzled you with the morbid details of my domestic goddessery. Fear not, mere mortals. I was simply in Saskatchewan (similar to falling off the face of the earth har … Continue reading

Are They Twins?

We were uber blessed this July with the birth of our identical twin boys. Life with twins is wonderful, amazing and so much fun. Its a lot like winning the baby lottery. The only downside is that anyone and everyone will approach you when you have two babies. Two babies is an open invitation to … Continue reading