Are They Twins?

We were uber blessed this July with the birth of our identical twin boys. Life with twins is wonderful, amazing and so much fun. Its a lot like winning the baby lottery. The only downside is that anyone and everyone will approach you when you have two babies. Two babies is an open invitation to … Continue reading

Dear Santa: My Christmas List

Dear Santa, As the BIG day approaches I figured I’d better sit down and pen you a letter. I know I’ve been especially good this year so you will definitely want to stock up on everything on my list. If you are generous you will find I hid you a Bud Light behind the cow … Continue reading

Discoveries as a Mom of Boys

1. You will survive the birthing process. You won’t believe that a human can possibly experience such intense, excruciating pain and live through it. But you will. And oddly enough, you will probably sign up to go through that same horror show another time or two. Mother nature has a way of erasing our memories … Continue reading

Relf, the Elf on the Shelf

I am going to attempt to fill you in on all the happiness and joy <heavy sarcasm> thus far in December as I squint blearily through my pus-filled, snotty lashes. Either N is very contagious or someone farted on my pillow (a distinct possibility). Yesterday we kicked off December with the big REVEAL of the … Continue reading

Dreaming of a Red Christmas

We dodged a bullet today. As you may have read from the thrilling first instalment of this humble blog-a-rino, we were planning to have our family pics done today. These stunning snapshots were to grace the cover of our baby-shower-birth-announcement-thanks-for-the-baby-gift-Happy-Thanksgiving-Merry-Christmas-Happy-New-Year cards we’ve been intending to send out since June. I figured we might as well … Continue reading

Well hullllllooooo there!

I have come to the conclusion that I need to share the chaos of my life with the world. You can’t make this shit up. A little about me: I’m a stay-at-home-farming-mama of 4. Four BOYS. Yes, that’s right. My life is a sausage fest. The soundtrack of my life is “Poop”, “Weiner” and “Bums”. … Continue reading